Hi! My name is Margarita, I'm founder of PlaceMates.

This project is about Russia. And about Russians, to be precise.

I want you to see my country through its people, like you are. Amazing, talented, fantastic, people, who worth to meet with.

During World Cup in 2018 we heard a lot of stories from foreigners which were surprised about our hospitality and we saw how stereotypes were breaking and people found new friends, got new experience and enjoyed theirs travels around Russia.

Russia is much more than politicians statement.

Join PlaceMates, discover new culture and enjoy your stay in the biggest country on Earth!

Meet our hosts
Kristina, St.Petersburg
florist and decorator
Kristina's passion are flowers. He started her florist career making bouquets at home and then her hobby turns into the business and she opened a beautiful shop and organized workshops about making bouquets or decor things.
Dmitry, Novosibirsk
Russian folk instruments musician
Dmitry has changed his life radically when he was 48. He was fasсinated by the psaltery's sounds and decided to learn how to play. Now he can play many others instruments, know a lot of songs and happy to share his knowledge with guests.
Anastasia, Novosibirsk
great storyteller
Anastasia literally lives in the museum, she created my her own! If you want to learn more about scientist town Akademgorodok, learn many interesting facts from the Soviet period and see amazing thing, just visit her place.
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